(cover date: December 2019 )


ELL 50th Anniversary Box Set Review
Book Review: Jimi Hendrix
Book Review: Okända Foton
Book Review: Hendrix 1968: Day By Day
Jimi Plays the Club Del Morocco 1962/63
Jimi Plays Helsinki 1967 (another slight return)
Snapper Special: 13 March 1968
Jimi Tours with Wilson Pickett: May 1966
The Making of “Purple Haze” (10 pages!)
Sel-Sync Recording
(interviews with Jocko Marcellino, Frank Bornemann,
Eric Schenkman, and Keifer Sutherland & Dennis Quaid;
R.I.P. Gerry Stickells)
Earth News Today: Royal Albert Hall Film Review
UV Shop
Picture This!